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Our Services

Everything You Need To Seamlessly Run Your Business Online

Because let's be honest with ourselves, here the problem you face in your business: If you don't have an audience, you aren't going to make any money online! 

Web Design

Web design is the most important aspect of the your business because 10 seconds is about the limit for keeping the user's attention focused on a task.

SEO And Advertisement

This is the second most important aspect of your business because it's over 4.7 billion users on internet, and so it's smart to have your business found 1st in your industry on Google and Facebook.

Sales Funnel Design

This  step is the most vital one, because it's actually the part of your online business that makes sales and cut your advertising cost in half.

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About Us

We Deliver Result Oriented Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing comprises all the strategies you have available to try to get people to a website, get them to return, and get them to take action.

  • In-depth analysis of your systems

  • Optimize your systems for better conversions

  • Automate your systems to run seamlessly

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    Business Goals

    Our Strategies Are Based On Customer's Goals

    Growth is not a sprint -- it's a marathon. So you have to have a marathoner's mentality.

    Lead Generation

    Get Qualified Leads

    User acquisition is simply the process where you get new users or customers to your business through any marketing activity. 

    Organic Traffic and SEO is the best traffic on the internet because it's FREE traffic and users/customers have a buyer's intent when they find your business organically. This process takes the longest but have the best results for longevity.

    Buying ads online is great one to start getting sales and brand recognition faster than anything else. Online advertising costs a little money upfront but have amazing results for your business initial success and longevity. 

    Our Method

    How We Work

    The process is very simple: We collect information about your business - Create a plan - Execute the plan - Launch your project to the world! 

    Gathering Requirements

    You tell us your vision and expected goals. We give you expected budget and completion date. Then you accept the offer and we do the work.

    Project Launch

    We show you the rough draft of the project so you could approve it. We launch the project for you. If you are happy and satisfied. We move on to scaling your business aggressively. 

    24X7 Support

    We offer 24x7 e-mail support, so if you are having any issues with your project or service as whole you could reach out to us at anytime to help resolve the issue.

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    Let's Hear From Our Client

    "I had an e-commerce store for over 4 years and made a few good sales on with Facebook Ads. My ROAS was horrible and I needed help bad. I contacted Orshay through a good referral from an old colleague. After a few changes to my landing pages and ad creative I made 2x ROI.

    Douglas Hopkins

    E-Commerce Owner

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