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Shreveport Website Design

In the internet world images are now a huge component. The days are long gone when a one-page informational site with minimal graphics does the trick to get customers. People are spending more time on the web and, as a result, are becoming more critical of local businesses’ online presence. You only get one chance to make a first impression with first time visitors. If you as the business owner fail to deliver your message adequately and attractively, potential customers will surely check out your competitor’s website.

Fast Fact –Did you know over 75% of consumer purchases are based on looks alone? Yes! The human brain creates a visual first impression in less than 4 seconds.

Let’s test out that theory!

  1. Go to your search engine
  2. Find two business websites in YOUR industry
  3. Open two windows and glance at each for 4 seconds
  4. Which business would you choose?

Shreveport Web Design

The most successful websites are all about simplicity and functionality with cool graphics. As the focal point of your business identity, your site should be an interactive communications tool that provides persuasive content to keep viewers engaged.

Is your current website producing sales? Does your website have the curb appeal that draws in customers?

Orshay Marketing can help revamp your old website into a professional web solution that suits your consumer needs – helping you increase industry credibility. Our website designers create stylish websites by incorporating dynamic technologies with a clean, user-friendly interface to deliver a powerful and effective online appearance.

Web design in Shreveport improves your credibility

At Orshay Marketing, we balance visual curb appeal with simple functionality in every exclusive custom website we create. No matter how big or small your budget—we have the tools to help you succeed. We can develop small template-based solutions for clients as well as large custom websites. We are confident that your business will skyrocket with a newly updated, engaging online presence.



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