Video Marketing



Why Choose Video Marketing?

The way consumers surf the internet is changing as we know it. If you find your business important and want to become more prosperous, then you need to consider new ways of drawing in your target audience.  Now with faster internet speeds, social media networking, and tons of information crammed into the web it’s almost impossible to keep consumers’ attention.

With viral video marketing becoming the new wave of marketing, business-related videos are proving to be the preferred marketing tool to generate more traffic and create new ways of attracting attention.

Orshay Video Marketing

A Variety Of Effective Video Productions

Online video marketing and advertising is quickly demonstrating to be the best medium to market your business services, your address and other important information you want your target audience to see. Since 50% of people take some kind of action after watching online video advertisements,  big businesses are behind this new audio and visual communications tools and, as a result, are seeing increased sales.

There are a wide range of even further website video production techniques that can be produced for use as website videos as well as other online marketing venues:

• Case Study Videos
• Event / Exhibition Videos
• Foreign Language Videos
• Product Demo Videos
• Promotional Videos
• Testimonial Videos
• Training Videos
• Viral Videos
• Website Videos


How does your video marketing works?

Orshay Marketing will help you produce an attention-grabbing promotional video for your local products or services that is very cost-effective and generates visible results. Our web video producers will develop the most engaging, extraordinary video presentations that help turn website visitors into paying customers.

Step 1)

You choose rather to advertise on our social media platforms or grant us permission to advertise on your social media platforms

Step 2)

We upload your new video to the social digital assets and we reach your target audience

Steps 3)

You received a report at the end of your video marketing campaign


WEB VIDEO increases your visibility

Web video creation costs are minimal in comparison to any other direct advertising and marketing.  In today’s new digital world, it’s just good business sense to be in the same area as  your potential clients – on the internet.  Don’t waste your customer’s time telling them to spend their hard earned money with you in exchange for basic images or ugly text – show them you take your business seriously. Let us develop a creative promotional video and create immediate interest from your viewers and soon-to-be clientele.

Would you like online video marketing to increase your customer base?

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