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Are You Using Your Facebook Business Page Like You Should Be?

These days, most of the world’s population have an existing personal Facebook page where we can keep up with family, friends and old classmates. We may even use it occasionally to vent frustration about our political or societal viewpoints. The unfortunate truth is, few business owners or politicians consider maximizing on Facebook’s hidden potential.

In the digital world, Facebook “Likes” and “Shares” are digital currency adding value to your business or campaign. They let your fan-base (friends) express support for you and whatever you do. Facebook “Likes” and “Shares” basically take the place of old fashion word-of-mouth talk about good people and good products. Many people’s buying decisions are heavily influenced if they see a close and respectable acquaintance endorse a particular item or service by “Liking” it. These “Likes” and “Shares” are almost like have salesmen and campaign managers working for you around the clock… for free!

Orshay Social Media

A business Facebook page that is interested in succeeding is updated regularly with appealing content that relates to your message. Your Facebook business page should take a clear and concise position by easily telling visitors what you are selling or promoting. A 12-year old girl should be able to visit your page and instantly identify your goals. On the other hand, a 65-year old man should be able to understand the jargon and have the ability to share your page with his colleagues.

If your business Facebook page promotes your law firm and you are publishing content about the Top Ten Dunks in the NBA, your audience will miss the opportunity to learn about the services you provide.Furthermore, you must make a clear call-to-action (CTA) on your page, persuading your audience to “Like”, “Share”, visit your website, call you, donate, or buy a particular product. Finally, your CTA should be changed regularly to get the maximum results for your business or political campaign.

Orshay Marketing has the perfect solution for your Facebook Business Page. We do everything for you–from creating the business page, adding the appropriate cover image and logo, developing and publishing relevant and consistent content , and establishing a clear and effective CTA. Most importantly, through our active and strategic social media management services, Orshay Marketing can help you get “Likes”, “Shares”, and drive traffic to your website. Check out the video below for more stats on social media behavior.


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