August 15, 2013

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Is The Best Form Of Online Marketing


The question is often asked how to increase online sales, I give the same advice every time. “If you want to reach people with your marketing message, there is no better tool than video marketing.”

The number of Internet based businesses discovering the power of online video marketing is growing rapidly. The reason for the rapid rise in those turning to video marketing is because it works. It helps too that producing quality promotional videos to use in online marketing is cheaper to implement now than ever before. Plus, distribution of online video marketing content is easy, thanks to YouTube and similar video viewing websites.

The Perfect Attention Grabber

Video is an attention grabber. I don’t want to discount the written word, but videos add punch to your web marketing in a way even the flashiest text can’t. Personally, Orshay Marketing use a combination of video and text for my online marketing. We find stand alone squeeze pages, or a website page with relevant text surrounding a video to be most effective method. Of course I always properly title, tag and describe the video for optimal SEO. That way the video as a stand alone marketing tool, is as well optimized for search engines as it is embedded in a page of textual content.

There are actually numerous reasons to use video marketing, too many to list here. However one very important reason for using video is because neither text nor images have the same chance of going viral that a video does. Having your marketing message go viral will have you laughing all the way to the bank. It can happen if you’re using video as part of your online marketing strategy.

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