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To Engage Your School Community and Become The Trusted Source For Information, You Have To Communicate The Way Students, Parents and Staff Want

But There's a Problem...

Parent Involvement

Some parents won’t be seen for the entire school year, no matter what sort of issues might arise. Online activity increase parent involvement.

Student's Health

The rise of COVID-19 lockdowns and the majority of students are feeling behind and lost. A website with clear direction improves the overall health of the student.

Lack of Technology-Savviness

Students are more technologically advanced than many teachers today, putting instructors at a decided disadvantage in the classroom.


Budget cuts have created huge problems for most public schools in recent years. Less funding means smaller staffs, fewer resources and a lower number of services for students.

"Everything your school board needs for marketing and website design are taken care of. My enrollment doubled once they implemented a new website and marketing ideas for my vocational programs and it help changed my students' lives. Extremely happy!"

Dr. Therese Ellender, STEAM Supervisor, St. Landry School Board


What do you get working with us?

When you start a project with us, we instantly focus on what's needed in your school district immediately to increase engagement

Get Community Help

Appear on Google's local search engine when someone searches for your schools' new programs.

Build Relationships

Build a continued relationship with the parents so that they understand your progress

Engagement More

Make more online interaction through website, social media, mobile, and funnels.

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How we help you grow?

We have a team of experts who are proficient in effective website building, community branding and parent's engagement.

Website Redesign & Development

We analyze your current website and redesign it completely so that your school board's website will be updated and modern.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your website with high intent keywords, so that it appears on Google's front page to help staff and parents finds you.

High Conversion  Funnels

We build high converting programs & events funnels to increase your engagement from students and parents.

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How we work?

We follow a very scientific approach in our process of requirements gathering and implementation, which is defined below.

Tell Us Your Challenge

We conduct a 45 minutes Zoom meeting with our clients in which we understand what's their needs are, and what they want to achieve within the next 3-6 months.

Get a Custom Plan

Once we understand the requirements clearly we break them down to high level and granular level steps, and create your school district's online demo, 

Engage Your Community

We plan out the website development process in milestones, which could be from 2 to 4 weeks in length, and based when we start executing the project.

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Read what our clients have to say

We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

“ Orshay Marketing came in a the prefect time a save our organization from a disaster. We hired three separate web design companies and they all failed to complete the project. Not Orshay, the complete our website in a timely fashion. Thanks so much!"

Stella Cziment

Office of Independent Police Monitor

New Orleans Government Agency

“ We have worked with Orshay Marketing on various projects through our organization. The company is reliable and provide solid work to upcoming events for the city of Shreveport-Bossier. It's a great group of guys and gals over there at Orshay."

Kelly Wells

Executive Director

Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

“Grambling State University wanted to bring the Red River State Fair Classic back to Shreveport and we knew we needed a strong online presence so we knew the perfect firm to call on. Our friends at Orshay Marketing. Good Job!"

David Aubrey

Red River State Fair Committee

Grambling State University

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