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Have you Googled your name lately? If you are like the majority of people you probably cringe at the thought of searching for yourself online. In today’s time the verdict has flipped– you’re guilty until Google or other search engines say you’re not. The slightest smear of your online reputation can be incredibly bad for business…and your credibility and integrity.

Here’s how it goes: a disgruntled customer writes about one measly bad experience. The result? Potential customers that research your products and services online go in the opposite direction, and into the arms of your competitors. Even our trusted politicians are at risk of getting hounded by ambitious journalists that will stop at nothing to find slander. A bad review or article takes minutes to create but can cause a lifetime of pain both financially and emotionally.

Take a look at a few examples of reviews that can drastically affect business:

Shreveport Repuation ManagmentGoogle_rep_mang    

Sites like Ripoff Report, ScamAdvisor and Yelp are all in business to expose faulty business tactics and wrongdoers for their actions. Sadly, from time to time, an honest person gets caught in the crosshairs. Even local news stations post articles that can damage individuals’ reputations for many years to come.

The internet is the Wild, Wild West in terms of its ability to regulate negative information that is accessible to millions of potential readers. Because of this, your reputation should be guarded with your life.

Check out this video of a guy that lost his job because of his online reputation:


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