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Website Maintenance, Site Security, Support

Ensure Your New Website Always Works!

The Package The Following:

Within this package you will receive the Website and Security Monitoring and a range of additional services, this package requires us to be more involved and we are on hand to help with your website if you require us to be.

The Package starts from 240 minutes per month and can be increased depending on the number of hours required. Our service is flexible enough to accommodate any requirements, Which we believe makes us different.

Website Monitoring

The most important security and maintenance request is common human error like password resets and virus scans. We add login attempts (3 tries and that IP locked from access for a set period of time)

Priority service to your account manager (office hours)

Call us at our office for any information that you might have regarding your website or issues

We are open Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Daily checks of your website

Refer your friends to our clinic and get a session completely free session after their first booking. The more friends you bring in the more money you save.

Manual visit to your website and submission of your contact form each month

Give you call to make sure all leads or contacts are going through correctly with delays.

Manual visit to your website and place a test payment each month

Give you call to make sure all payments are going through correctly with delays.

Advanced website testing and monitoring

Monitoring CMS and security plugins and updates, which includes testing & repair of broken links and missing pictures within the site. We use Cloudflare as our CDN and firewall to help filter out bots and bad actors before they make it to our web servers

Content management

Manage new pages, banner, graphics and content update throughout the term on contract. We only give 1 person Admin (Read/Write) Access to the website and hosting service.

Assistance with website backup, retrieval and restore

Even with the best-laid security plan and performance monitoring system, bad stuff can happen to a website, which is why nightly or weekly backups need to be generated. 

Visitor statistics

Creation/monitoring of Google Analytics account and basic training and review and interpretation of Google Analytics report

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