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Shreveport Internet MarketingHow can Internet Marketing Benefit My Business?

If you are trying to increase your business’ customer base or maybe become more accessible to existing customers in Shreveport, LA you can definitely benefit from internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). How so? Well, for starters, it allows you to reach a larger population of customers—not only those who frequent your brick and mortar location.  Secondly, your website’s ranking in popular search engines allows more users to find your business, products, and services. Thirdly, it gives your business the necessary muscle to get in the ring and compete with larger companies who already have an edge in the market. Continue reading to learn more about how Shreveport internet marketing can make the difference in your business’ success.

Brick and Mortar: A Thing of the Past

These days millions of businesses exist solely online. These are entrepreneurs who are working out of home or even operating their website as a secondary source of employment. These businesses have no real physical address or location to visit. Yet, they are still succeeding and continually delivering products and services to consumers. This isn’t to say that this will work for each individual business’ needs but it is pointing out that having an online presence has become increasingly significant. Social networking has become the new “word of mouth” with thriving businesses needing as much PR as possible and that exactly what internet marketing in Shreveport provides. It is not sufficient to only advertise to those consumers who visit your physical address. New studies have found that approximately 89% of consumers prefer shopping online versus traditional shopping. Furthermore, 85% of consumers are searching for local businesses online. Unfortunately, nearly 63% of businesses do not have a website or any sort of online presence. Now-a-days, if you are not online, you literally do not exist to most! If a gentleman is visiting from out of town and searching for a barber you can bet that he will use a popular search engine to look up barbers in the Shreveport- Bossier area. He will seek the services of a barber shop based on browsing the website, reading reviews, and possibly the advertised prices. Sadly, if a barber shop lacks an online presence they do not even grab the attention of a potential customer. And if that online presence is not easily found by the customer, you lose your chances just as quickly.

Search Engine Rankings

One of the more consequential benefits offered through Shreveport internet marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). Through in-depth analysis, SEO consultants can ensure that you are actually found by the customers you are trying to reach. For example, it appears that about one-fourth of local businesses do not show up in searches. Having a website is a complete waste of time and money if no one can find it to access the goods and services a business is promoting. Optimizing your website enables it to show up when users are searching for content relevant to what is found on your website. This is extremely important as it has been determined that a larger percentage of internet users rarely go beyond the first page of a search engine for search results. What does this mean for you? The first page is where you want to be!

Competing with Larger, More Experienced Businesses

A SEO consultant provides a small business the same weapons as a larger company when it comes to competing for the same product or service. A customer is not concerned with the amount of staff you have on the payroll or how many years of service you have under your belt. In these times of a shaky and unruly economy, people want to do business with the company who is offering the best quality and value for their dollar and outstanding customer service. Ensuring that you are adequately promoting your business online by utilizing superior content and being accessible to potential customers gives you a leg up on businesses who have been servicing the community for decades. Shreveport internet marketing equips you with the optimized web presence you need to compete with businesses near and far. All you have to do is bring on the goods!

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