How Do Video Marketing Boost Awareness for Small Businesses?

Video marketing represents about the most commonly used advertising strategies in today’s social media and online networking world. This form marketing and advertising requires hardly any investment on the part of the small business and has the potential for massive benefits. These advantages generally can be found in the form of customer awareness. Exactly how can a video marketing strategy enhance a business’s awareness in the eyes of prospective customers? Millions of people utilize online tools like social media sites and video sharing networks daily. This makes these online sites very useful marketing tools for companies looking to access an unlimited number of potential viewers. One of the most successful ways for a business to incorporate video marketing into their advertising strategies is to use video to promote awareness of the company’s name. By directly engaging viewers by getting them to view a video and then share it with their friends, a business can increase their name recognition, their brand awareness and generate more leads. More awareness can translate to increases sales and revenue down the road. Not only does a video marketing campaign increase the public’s awareness of a specific business, it also provides an easy way for business’s to track how well their campaign is working. Video marketing can be a very effective tool for gauging what techniques are grabbing the attention of certain viewers and which techniques are not working. This allows the business to be flexible in their online advertising campaigns and to make immediate changes to their strategy. Finally, a properly executed video marketing strategy will vastly increase a company’s search engine rankings if video SEO practices are used. This can help ensure that a company is listed in the top 10 results on search engines like Google, which is a guaranteed way to increase awareness from online viewers.

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Shreveport Internet Marketing

Shreveport Internet Marketing Web design is universal in this age when everywhere you look people are browsing the day’s stocks via their Blackberry, “checking in” at the Boardwalk on Facebook, and using their iPhones for world domination. Yes, any and everyone has a website these days. They are truly not very hard to come by. Whether a webpage is used to advertise a fledgling catering business in the Shreveport-Bossier area or sell handmade products online, most people desire some presence online. There are easy-does-it host sites that allow you to build your own site while borrowing their domain name. Others, who may be more technologically-inclined, may build there site from the ground up while soliciting external resources such as graphic designers, creative writers, and brand managers to develop the online reputation they desire. Unfortunately, having a “presence” online is the only thing most ordinary people will accomplish. The minute a webpage is launched into the World Wide Web there are dozens of similar ones vying for a potential customer’s attention. You want to know which company is likely to gain the customer’s business? Keep reading. Internet Marketing Web design is actually a refined skill, yet most people who have not taken the liberty of studying it will never unearth its hidden potential. Think about this: when you are in your car driving along Interstate 20 in Shreveport you notice huge billboards along the way, huh? They promote a new medical group opening in the city; broadcast 1-800 numbers to hotlines that sell you weight loss pills; and they introduce a company of realtor’s who can help you buy a brand new home. These billboards line the freeway on both sides, continuously shouting their claims to passersby. Now, you exit the freeway and drive onto less heavily traveled residential streets. There are no billboards planted here. Indeed, there are zoning laws here that would prevent this; but, ideally, those businesses displayed on billboards want as many people as possible to pass their signs every day—not just the people who visit Fern Ave in Shreveport. Why, because this is an excellent form of marketing. Internet marketing is the action of promoting or selling products and services.  The more people a business can touch without physically touching them in person, the better. It is costly to hire one person to go door to door and promote the company; on the other hand, it is much more cost-effective to rent out a billboard that can market all day and night. So to answer the earlier question, the customer’s business will go to the company who is marketing the smart way.Websites on the internet are very much like those billboards lining the freeway. They promote a business constantly, even while the staff is away on vacation or asleep in their beds. While a billboard can reach thousands, a well-designed website can reach millions or more. Shreveport internet marketing is currently the leading way to reach an audience virtually anywhere. However, just like those billboards, websites […]

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Good Content for Search Results

Contact Orshay Marketing to learn more about getting that content you need.

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing Is The Best Form Of Online Marketing   The question is often asked how to increase online sales, I give the same advice every time. “If you want to reach people with your marketing message, there is no better tool than video marketing.” The number of Internet based businesses discovering the power of online video marketing is growing rapidly. The reason for the rapid rise in those turning to video marketing is because it works. It helps too that producing quality promotional videos to use in online marketing is cheaper to implement now than ever before. Plus, distribution of online video marketing content is easy, thanks to YouTube and similar video viewing websites. The Perfect Attention Grabber Video is an attention grabber. I don’t want to discount the written word, but videos add punch to your web marketing in a way even the flashiest text can’t. Personally, Orshay Marketing use a combination of video and text for my online marketing. We find stand alone squeeze pages, or a website page with relevant text surrounding a video to be most effective method. Of course I always properly title, tag and describe the video for optimal SEO. That way the video as a stand alone marketing tool, is as well optimized for search engines as it is embedded in a page of textual content. There are actually numerous reasons to use video marketing, too many to list here. However one very important reason for using video is because neither text nor images have the same chance of going viral that a video does. Having your marketing message go viral will have you laughing all the way to the bank. It can happen if you’re using video as part of your online marketing strategy. To learn more about video marketing please contact Orshay Marketing at your convenience.

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